The Barefoot Forge

Your Ring Is special, We think so too.

Damascus steel rings CAN be resized, but we really don't want too have too do it! Here's why:
Traditional wedding rings are made out of intentionally malleable and precious metals that can easily be formed and manipulated, resulting in spectacular shapes. When a gold ring needs too be made bigger, depending upon how much bigger it needs too be made,  it is either stretched from the inside on a ring stretcher or in extreme cases, cut at the thinnest point (usually the bottom) and a small amount of additional material is soldered in too make a larger overall ring. When you cut the ring at the bottom, you'd be able to open it up by simply bending it with your moves that easily. 
Our rings are the opposite of this.
Our rings are designed too be tough and to stand up against the forces of nature, so they don't really want to move in harmonious ways when force is applied. Yes, they CAN be stretched on a ring stretcher, but it requires a special ring stretcher and a heck of a lot of force, and even then....there's a risk the ring won't stand up too it and it's going to break. We don't want to break your ring! You Love that ring!!!
Could we cut it in half and insert a little piece of metal? Not really- One of the unique things about your ring is the fact that it's forged from one solid, seamless piece, and we don't want that too change. After all, You Love that ring!

When it comes to resizing traditional rings to make them smaller, they do the opposite process. A small slice is cut out of the thinnest portion of the ring and the two halves are soldered back together. For the same reasons mentioned above, this plan doesn't work well here. 

So, how do we resize a damascus ring?
If you need it sized up 1/4 size, we can usually get away with just removing some of the precious metal from the liner (Silver or Gold) and get you that slightly bigger ring that you need. If you need too go much beyond 1/4 size, we need to cut the liner out, machine out the ring a little bit, and insert a thinner liner. This is a lot of work, taking several hours and requiring a new liner made with new precious metal. We can do it, but we charge for this service (Message us for a quote). If we need to go down in size, we need too cut out the liner and replace it with a new liner made of a thicker gauge material to decrease the overall internal size. Again, this requires new precious metal, and several hours, so we'd rather not do it and charge for this service (Message us for a quote). 

What's all this mean to you?
We want you to love your ring, and in order to do that, it has to fit correctly! We will do what we need to do to make that happen.
If you just bought your ring and it's the wrong size, but is problem! We'll take it back and make you another one. If however, you've gained a little weight or have done an amazing job on that new workout plan and now your ring doesn't fit... let's fix it up for you! We've all been there, and we want you too love your ring and too do that, it has too fit correctly!

Have a damascus steel ring, tungsten ring, titanium ring, etc that someone else made and it's too big or too small, and they told you it couldn't be resized? Let's add a liner and solve THEIR problem! 

Getting the ring size correct is THE most important aspect of ordering your custom ring, so let's make sure we're on the same page and get you a ring that will fit you correctly and be ready for years of enjoyment!