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We Don't Offer Gift Cards

Small businesses can grow or die at the hands of gift cards, depending upon their business model. In our particular case, we have tons of interest in gift cards for blacksmithing classes- and here’s why we can’t offer that.
If you purchase a gift card for your husband as a Christmas gift, the money is graciously received and invested into the company during our slow season (winter) when we’re most available to teach lots of classes- But that’s possibly not when the gift card is cashed in. If you hold onto that card and wait until one of our busy wedding ring seasons- We literally owe you money and/or a class. This year we were so busy with rings, we had NO class opportunities in the months of Sept and October- but what if that’s when you expected to take a class?
As our business grows and evolves, we have been thankful for our patrons helping us to stay alive and to continue to offer such awesome opportunities to the public including “Make Your Own Ring” and some very popular forging classes. In order to control our business growth, maintain our plan, and allow our small group of artisans some semblance of a normal life- We can’t be put into a position where we owe you, and you hold all the cards.

”But that’s not how that really works!”
Having seen two photography friends both go out of business as a result of gift cards specifically- It can be. While gift cards can work great for certain business models, particularly when your business is at a growth stage where there’s available inventory, product, or labor on hand to produce things- at our stage and our model (Based on educational experiences that require scheduled interactions), it doesn’t work.
We’ve tried it before, and I am very proud to say we’ve successfully survived the Gift Card Debts of the past- but certainly noticed them and they held our growth back.
We hope that you can appreciate this terrifying reality, and understand how hard a decision it is to turn down your interest and support in the form of gift cards.

What we can do:
We schedule private forging classes for groups of 3-5, and this can be a great experience! If you book a private class, you pay in advance for a specific date and time (Which we work together to establish). With a specific date and time scheduled- we can easily provide a certificate or “Gift Card” Which you can give to your loved one as a delightful surprise (You just better be pretty confident in their schedule).
This helps us sustain the business, plan in advance, and provide you with the best experience possible while still allowing you to efficiently provide a gift. Better yet- join in on the fun! A group of 4 friends is always a far more entertaining and enjoyable class then 4 strangers, so let’s plan something exciting!
In order to schedule something- reach out, we’d be glad to help you plan a date.

We can be reached easily at
Or give us a call at 4125127704

Remember- We do not offer classes to minors! Must be 18+ to attend any of our classes.