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Your Ring Is special, We think so too.


Well, there's a lot more too it than that. 
Nickel is contained in large concentrations in 15N20, a carbon steel making up the "Shiny" layer in most Carbon Damascus steel blends (Many of the rings available from other sources) in a way that allows it too actively leach out of the material and be directly transferred too the skin through skin contact. While stainless steels do contain Nickel, the nickel is trapped in a matrix of Chromium, an element that essentially suspends the nickel and prevents it from ever coming too the surface. The chromium content is what makes "Stainless steel", "Stainless" by forming a thin oxide layer during normal environmental conditions. What this means is that Stainless Steel is always already oxidized under normal conditions (On the planet Earth) and as such, is not susceptible too leaching or transferring any of it's various constituent elements too the wearer. The alloys we use in the production of our rings are used to make artificial joints inserted into the human body, surgical instruments that come in direct contact with sensitive human tissues, and parts used in sensitive medical and industrial applications. These materials are considered safe for direct human contact and prolonged wear. 

Why does all this matter?
Nickel is a heavy metal that can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions, even in those who do not CURRENTLY have a metal allergy. Once you become allergic too metals, a condition that can develop later in life, you can become hyper sensitive too many things you find in your every day life. World health organizations have recognized the issue and identified Nickel in jewelry as an unsafe element for prolonged exposure resulting in "EU1811"- The Nickel Directive. 
This law states the maximum exposure too nickel that can safely be allowed in jewelry, as well as the means and standards by which it must be tested. Because we are so confident in the fact that our materials do not actively leach nickel, we're taking the steps necessary too become EU1811 certified! This process of extensive lab testing is a long and expensive process and we're proud of our products corrosion resistance and limited nickel exposure! 

If you have a known metal allergy and are concerned about whether or not our rings would work for you, get in touch and we'll send you a sample of the material too test against your skin.