The Barefoot Forge

Your Ring Is special, We think so too.

Located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh PA, "The Barefoot Forge" is a collective blacksmithing group owned and headed by Craig Cowan, a young self taught blacksmith native to Pittsburgh. Craig started blacksmithing as a hobby over 10 years ago, inspired by boredom and completely self taught, has grown his experience and passion into a unique skill set that allows for incredible, custom, heirloom pieces made traditionally. With a bit of luck and lots of experimentation, the methods used to hot forge beautiful damascus rings were developed and now we're thrilled to make awesome rings for awesome people! 
To us, your ring truly is special. The very idea of creating a lasting, custom piece thats unique and somewhat random inspires us to do the very best work we're capable of. Your wedding ring is something you've spent plenty of time considering, and it's something that represents your relationship, shouldn't it be something indestructible and unique? 

Your Ring Is Special, We Think so Too! 
We can't wait to make it!