The Barefoot Forge

Your Ring Is special, We think so too.


We offer two different alloy blends of damascus steel, engineered entirely for rings. Our blends are not a repurposed product of the knife making industry (Carbon Damascus) and do not require the edge retention properties of high carbon steel, so why develop a damascus entirely around it for rings? Carbon damascus steel rings rust. We made Carbon Damascus Rings for years, it's how we got started, and we are extremely proud of our history and the trail it's taken too develop the RING SPECIFIC Damascus steel alloy blends we produce today. The years of testing (often on my own finger, with ring #1) has shown that the environmental conditions as well as your bodies specific chemistry can cause corrosion issues with carbon damascus steel rings (Not too mention leaching nickel from 15N20 steel found commonly in carbon damascus rings!). I've seen rings on my own finger turn completely orange, stain my finger orange, and cause allergic reactions and skin infections on my own fingers and customers fingers. 
How is this still the bulk of what's available in the carbon Damascus steel ring market!?
We intend too change that!

Our Extreme contrast "Hybrid" damascus does contain High carbon tool steel as one of the constituent alloys, and as stated above that is susceptible to rust. Luckily in our case, it's only 30% of the material in the ring, so it's not as much of an issue since 70% of the material is surgical stainless steel which WILL NOT RUST! With that said, our Hybrid material is for those customers who wish to have the highest contrast possible, with the recognition that this ring isn't quite right for you if you in a battery factory and insist on not wearing gloves, regularly operate a lemon juicer in a salt mine, or bare handed wrestle electric eels every Tuesday. If these qualities concern you, we have a solution!

"V2" High Contrast Stainless Steel Damascus!
We're able to obtain similar contrasts too our revolutionary, bold, "Hybrid" damascus steel while putting corrosion resistance as our first priority with this exciting new product line. The stainless steel alloys that make up our "V2" material blend are so corrosion resistant, we struggle to etch them to reveal the pattern! It takes a precisely controlled etching solution to have any effect on the material and we're confident in it's corrosion resistant properties. Additionally, our rings go through an industrial process called "Passivation" which ensures a uniform, highly corrosion resistant surface that results in a ring with lasting beauty!

We are concerned about the corrosion resistance of our products and we've begun lengthy and expensive LAB TESTING to ensure the product we deliver behaves consistently and predictably to exceed all industry standards!