The Barefoot Forge

Your Ring Is special, We think so too.


After years of teaching and hundreds of students- we're proud to be Pittsburgh's premier blacksmithing instructional shop!

Our Blacksmithing classes are for everyone, no previous experience required!
The project of the first class will be one of our favorites, making railroad spikes into shapely bottle openers! This class will begin with the basic operation of tools, safety and forging methods. It will showcase squaring, hammer technique, drawing of metal (making it longer), twisting, bending, cleanup, and finishing. At the end of the class, each student will have two of their own hand crafted, beautiful and long lasting hand forged bottle opener to take home with them to "Test Thoroughly"!
So come learn a dying art and swing a hammer at some hot steel!

Future classes will include projects such as wall hooks, ornate leafs, roses, and an intermediate level class on knife making. Currently, the Main offering is the Introduction to Bottle Openers, an interactive experience designed to be the blacksmithing equivalent of drinking wine at a paint studio. Will you go home an expert blacksmith, No chance. Will you go home with some awesome bottle openers and a heck of a fun experience? YOU BET! We spend the class talking about proper hammer technique, what to look for in buying an anvil, allow you to try a few commercially available products (forges, tongs, etc), and teach general safety. At the end of the class, you should leave as an informed beginner ready to continue on your blacksmithing journey with some good tips, some good experience, and some good knowledge! 

We also offer a class in making a cool Metal Rose! This class is not meant to be as detailed as our beginners blacksmithing class and will not include all the knowledge and background information on forging or purchasing tools- but is a great, simple activity for anyone of any skill level! We'll skip the nitty gritty and just go over safety, basic use, "Drawing and tapering", and proper hammer form in order to send you home with an elegant metal rose that you created! 

 The class size is limited to only 4 students, and spaces tend to go fast! The cost of each class is $100/student for 4 hours of instruction and forge time.  All students must be at least 18 years of age and fit enough to swing a 4lb hammer.
WE DO NOT OFFER ANY CLASSES TO MINORS, and we do not currently offer any knife making classes.

We also are proud to debut our new scholarship program for opportunities to learn to forge for all active and former military! Check out our page here for "Forging For Fighters" here:

Classes will take place at production blacksmithing studio in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. Additional information will be emailed to those who sign up.


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